GuestCast Case Studies

Mercure Sunshine Kawana Waters – Australia


Situated on Australia’s iconic Sunshine Coast, Mercure Sunshine Kawana Waters is a modern 81-room luxury property operated by Accor. Boasting a 4.5 star rating, the hotel features a wide range of amenities to ensure guest comfort and satisfaction, including an onsite restaurant and bar as well as meeting spaces for those traveling for business. Regardless of whether their guests are visiting for work or leisure, Mercure Sunshine Kawana Waters also seeks to provide an enjoyable in-room experience by providing each guest with full personalized control over TV-based entertainment.


Recognizing that many guests no longer find value in traditional satellite TV channel offerings, Mercure Sunshine Kawana Waters sought out a robust solution that could cater to widespread demands for access to personal streaming subscriptions. At the same time and in order to ensure high adoption rates, the hotel realized that it needed a solution able to provide an easy and intuitive experience, even for first-time users, while additionally providing enhanced security measures able to safeguard sensitive guest information.

Leveraging its long-term partnership with Liveport as a provider of advanced online connectivity solutions, the hotel opted to implement GuestCast by Hotel Internet Services, a platform specifically designed for the streaming needs of hotel guests. Promising a user-friendly experience even for first-time users, GuestCast ensures that those staying at the property can connect personal devices to guestroom TVs using just a QR code and without involving a complicated registration process. Once they’ve effortlessly paired their device, guests can next look forward to instantly casting virtually any type of content of preference. Thanks to GuestCast’s compatibility with thousands of mobile-based streaming apps, guests can seamlessly access Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney+, HBO Max and much more without requiring staff assistance.

“Personalized experiences combined with simple yet responsive service is a recurring theme throughout the hotel industry, but now thanks to Liveport and GuestCast, we can ensure that such demands are fully met when it comes to our in-room entertainment offerings,… Liveport impressed us with a swift and interruption-free installation process, while the technology itself is so easy to use that the only guest feedback received has been overwhelmingly positive. From the moment our guests arrive, GuestCast guarantees an intuitive and painless streaming experience that always lives up to individual guest preferences and expectations,”

John Örning General Manager at Mercure Sunshine Kawana Waters

As a solution purposely designed for hotel environments, GuestCast also provides hoteliers with an effective method to sidestep guest concerns over privacy and potential data theft. With guests casting content from personal devices, GuestCast does not require login details for streaming subscriptions, while its advanced device isolation capabilities prevent guests from casting content to televisions located in other rooms.


  • Address modern guest expectations for access to streaming subscriptions on guestroom TVs.
  • Ensure that guests are able to experience ease-of-use regardless of their experience level with technology.
  • Address potential guest concerns over data security and privacy.


  • Leverage GuestCast with its ability to provide instant compatibility with thousands of mobile streaming apps.
  • Provide guests with a simplified device-pairing process that minimizes the need for staff assistance.
  • Utilize GuestCast to sidestep the requirement for guests to enter-in streaming subscription login details on guestroom TVs.
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