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Survey after survey continue to show that when it comes to satisfying guest expectations, your hotel’s WiFi service quality or lack thereof ranks among the highest priorities. In fact, as many as 80 percent of Americans now say that they can’t live without WiFi while on vacation. As overwhelming numbers of guests increasingly view WiFi connectivity as a must-have service and as more decide to travel with more than one device, demands for faster speeds, increased bandwidth and stronger signal quality are understandably growing.

Far from just revolving around the guestroom, today’s guests further expect high-performance and reliable WiFi to be available throughout a hotel so they can seamlessly log on anywhere without interruption. Hotel reviews regarding WiFi reliability are on the rise and can mean all the difference to hospitality business reputations and revenues. Significantly, more guests are turning away from a hotel if their WiFi is poor, with more than 75 percent describing such experiences as a deal-breaking issue.

As hospitality’s leading WiFi solutions provider, Hotel Internet Services delivers robust WiFi connectivity that’s guaranteed to improve online experiences and live up to the expectations of even the most demanding guests. From catering to growing demands for online content streaming and casting, to ensuring that each guest device is consistently able to obtain a seamless internet connection, HIS has both the technology and expertise necessary to enhance your property’s existing network or install a new state-of-the-art system!

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Hotel Internet Services uses only the best-of-breed equipment including Ruckus, Brocade and Cisco. Combined with our own proprietary advanced network technologies such as the Fusion Gateway, HIS is unmatched in its ability to design a modern, dynamic yet affordable wireless network that’s fast, reliable and always secure. We can even provide guests with their own guest private network to take their security to an even higher level.

From initial consultation and site surveys all the way to the completed installation, HIS  hospitality WiFi services are consistently back by 24×7 monitoring and support. Whether dealing with performance, configuration, cybersecurity issues and more, your system will be taken care of by the leading experts so you can focus on your core business needs. With over 150,000 guest rooms monitored and supported each day, rest assured that when partnering with HIS, your hotel’s network and online guest experiences are in the best of hands.


Expectations for a high-speed hotel internet connection is so central now to the guest experience and in preserving high satisfaction rates that partnering with an established industry-specific expert such as HIS should always be one of the first priorities for any newly opening hotel,… After a swift and painless installation, we are extremely pleased with the results that HIS has achieved and know that their renowned customer support will continue to ensure that guests receive the highest quality in online connectivity that the industry has to offer.

Joyce Chu, Operations Manager – Hotel Mariposa

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