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Dear Friends,
The hospitality industry is doing right fine according to all the reports I have read. And that all important mantra regarding keeping guests happy and enjoying the hotel experience is observable throughout the industry. It is a wonderful characteristic of the hospitality industry (unlike some others) to treat customers with the specialness and courtesy they deserve.
One of those areas is of course all about connecting (Drum roll for our newsletter name – Connected! please). As has been the case for the last couple of years, Wi-Fi is a necessity and not a luxury. Hotels are discovering that they need more and more bandwidth, as guests want to watch what they want, when they want from their own devices or streaming. Equipment is becoming antiquated faster and faster as the technology advances even faster. One of our objectives, at Hotel Internet Services, is building networks for our clients that take future technologies into account. Our Fusion Gateways set us apart from other installation companies due to its advanced technology and features.
Our installation spotlight this month takes us to Roswell, New Mexico where we upgraded the Wi-Fi system at the local Holiday Inn Express & Suites. General Manager Jill Cleveland, made us feel right at home.
Our Scoop section as usual scours the media for helpful hints and insight into the hospitality biz. We close with some fun vids we have curated just for you.
We would love to hear from you – feel free to write and let us know what you are thinking about the state of things wireless or not.
Larry Jaffe

Spotlight: The Holiday Inn Express & Suites Roswell, NM

holiday-inn-express-and-suites-roswell-2532066243-4x3“We are so pleased with the new equipment and the service. We haven’t had one guest complaint since it was installed and prior to installation we had numerous complaints per day. It has been a huge weight lifted off my shoulders.”
Wi-Fi is available throughout the facility. We asked Jill what are the most important factors for her guests regarding their wireless connection.
“Guests feel that WI-FI should be easy to connect to and stay connected throughout their stay. It should be effortless and something they don’t have to think about. Our business is all about 100% guest satisfaction.”
Jill said that the installation went incredibly well.
"VFMLID=32974931"“Our installer was efficient and he handled everything quietly and quickly. There was very little disruption of service and our guests commented immediately about the speed and ease of use of the new equipment.”
They were extremely happy with not only the installation but the follow-up customer service and care exclaiming: “We are ecstatic. We have not received any complaints since the install. Everyone has been professional and courteous.”
When we asked her if her guests are happy with the new network? She replied “We are so happy.”

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Can Bad Wi-Fi Ruin a Great Hotel?

When Conde’ Nast sits up and takes notice about the importance of Wi-Fi, it is quite an acknowledgment!

It’s time for us all to admit it: hotel rooms increasingly resemble each other. Crisp white sheets, power showers, and slightly baffling bedside consoles to decode before turning out the light—it’s as if there’s a master bedroom somewhere from which every designer draws inspiration. And as it grows harder than ever to differentiate my overnights, memories are often demarcated by the highs and lows—or rather speed-ups and slow-downs—of the in-room internet. Forget Michelin stars, it’s Mbps that matter. Read More from Conde’ Nast Traveler Now>


The way hotel guests consume entertainment is changing scoop2-image

Typically the first thing a hotel guest would do when he or she walks into the hotel room would be to turn on the TV and passively consume whatever channels were thrown at them. Today, the modern tech-savvy guests bring their entertainment with them; from tablet-based devices to accounts and memberships such as Netflix Read More Shiri Sivan>


scoop3-imageA startup guide to hotel e-commerce

Don’t know where to start when it comes to creating an e-commerce plan? Here’s a guide to get you on the right track. Having looked after a portfolio of hotel websites over the past five years, I have seen how fast e-commerce changes every year. There are fundamentals that never do change and that should be a part of your plan. Here are the basics: Read More from Hotel News net>



business-travelerHow Hotels Are Catering to Business Travelers in Emerging Tech Cities

More than two-thirds of American adults now own a smartphone, making mobile technology part of daily life for most travelers. As such, travelers now expect to see mobile technology integrated into their hotel experiences. Gone are the days when offering Wi-Fi at a hotel was enough; travelers are booking hotels, finding travel information, and controlling every detail of their trips from their smartphones and tablets.
Read More from Hospitality Net>

How Hotels Can Better Target the Bleisure Traveler

Have you discerned the many faces of your bleisure customers? Hotels want to intelligently target deals to the right traveler, however, people travel in different contexts, and so a single traveler profile is actually made up of multiple ‘personas’ defined by the context of their trip. A woman travelling to a business conference, for example, will want options such as express check-in; the same woman who extends her stay to enjoy some relaxation time will be thinking about the hotel spa facilities. Read More from Hotel Technology>


clipart_of_10921_sm_2Captain Video

This month we have some more of those rather strange yet funny hotel and travel videos. Take a moment and sit back and enjoy.

24 Hours of Cupcakes

Okay, so like I know this is not exactly about hotels, or even travel, but who doesn’t love seeing Jack Bauer in action?

The Nine Hour Capsule Hotel

Have you ever heard of a Capsule Hotel? If you are a minimalist, this might be just the right place to hang your hat. The hotel’s name refers to the idea that you’d only need to spend nine hours there. Nine Hours believe you’re better off spending as little time as possible under their roof: just one hour to get ready for bed, seven hours to sleep, and one hour to get up in the morning. This is definitely a different take on hospitality trends.

Oscar’s Hotel for Fantastical Creatures!

If you ever wondered what goes on in a hotel with some rather unusual guests, book a room at Oscar’s! Oscar’s Hotel is based off a short film Liguori created alongside production company New Form Digital. The series takes place at its titular establishment, where young, ambitious manager’s assistant Oliver keeps watch over the monstrous, fantastical tenants.

Hotel Transylvania 2 – Official Trailer (HD)

I loved Hotel Transylvania and am so looking forward to #2! This fall, Drac’s Pack is back!! Watch the brand new trailer to see Drac, Johnny, Mavis and Dennis on a whole new human / monster adventure!

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