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hotel wifi servicesA newly constructed luxury boutique property situated near some of the most popular attractions in Los Angeles, Hotel Mariposa holds the goal of providing its guests with the latest in contemporary design combined with nature-inspired ambience. Amenities include a state-of-the-art fitness center, outdoor swimming pool and elegant garden courtyard. With vast majorities of today’s guests traveling with at least one device and expecting to find a seamless online experience, Hotel Mariposa also strives to ensure that its Wi-Fi service represents the latest in high-speed and reliable connectivity.

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While undergoing construction, Hotel Mariposa leadership recognized that one of the most important tasks in attracting guests and maintaining a positive property reputation was to partner with a reputable network provider with proven hospitality industry expertise. More specifically, the hotel sought out a provider that could ensure a swift and seamless network implementation for a large area without any lapse in service quality and at a cost-effective rate.

After performing extensive research, Hotel Internet Services was selected due to its broad knowledge and experience in deploying Wi-Fi services that could accommodate a multitude of guest devices while still maintaining fast and high-quality connectivity. Once initiating the network implementation process at Hotel Mariposa, this included the strategic installation of Ethernet cabling and state-of-the-art Ruckus access point technology to deliver a consistently high-performance and reliable Wi-Fi signal throughout all hotel areas.

“Expectations for a high-speed hotel internet connection is so central now to the guest experience and in preserving high satisfaction rates that partnering with an established industry-specific expert such as HIS should always be one of the first priorities for any newly opening hotel… After a swift and painless installation, we are extremely pleased with the results that HIS has achieved and know that their renowned customer support will continue to ensure that guests receive the highest quality in online connectivity that the industry has to offer.”

Joyce Chu

Operations Manager at Hotel Mariposa


With its 24/7 support services, HIS expert technicians are always readily available to diagnose and immediately resolve any network performance issue before it has the opportunity to negatively affect guest experiences. HIS representatives are also available to instantly assist guests experiencing a range of Wi-Fi login difficulties or for specific requests such as setting up a VPN network. This significantly allows hotel staff to focus their attention on other areas to maximize overall guest satisfaction during their stay.

Project Requirements

  • Ensure that each guest device is guaranteed a fast and reliable Wi-Fi connection regardless of their onsite location.
  • Prevent any suddenly arising network performance issues from affecting guest experiences.


  • Deploy advanced Ruckus access points and Ethernet cabling in strategic locations to minimize installation costs while ensuring that guest devices are always able to receive a strong Wi-Fi signal within all hotel areas.
  • Provide guests and hotel staff with instant access to 24/7 HIS support to swiftly resolve any performance or troubleshooting issues and ensure that guest satisfaction rates remain high.

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