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An iconic 110-year-old San Francisco landmark that once served as the location of City Hall, Hotel Whitcomb holds a reputation of providing its guests with timeless elegance combined with the latest advances in modern convenience. In ensuring that each guest finds complete comfort and satisfaction during their stay, Hotel Whitcomb has also recently undergone an extensive refurbishment project, with significant updates made in guestrooms, corridors and public space areas. Yet top of hotel leadership’s priorities was meeting guest demands for online connectivity and the ability to seamlessly access a fast, secure and reliable Wi-Fi service.   


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As a building constructed shortly after one of the city’s most catastrophic earthquakes, Hotel Whitcomb is well designed to withstand future seismic activity with thick concrete walls and steel. Yet the same infrastructure had been responsible for a significant weakening of the property’s Wi-Fi signal, affecting guest satisfaction as a result. The property therefore sought out a reputable internet services provider that could leverage its expertise to overcome such infrastructural challenges to ensure each guest could receive a strong enough Wi-Fi signal. Hotel Whitcomb further wanted to guarantee that guests could seamlessly connect multiple devices and be able to perform an array of online activities such as content streaming without interruption.

By partnering with HIS, the property was able to address all infrastructural concerns with a planning phase lasting a couple of weeks and an installation process consisting of only a couple of days. Using state-of-the-art Ruckus wireless equipment strategically placed throughout the property, HIS has ensured that all 459 guestrooms and public spaces can now consistently receive a strong enough signal that can cater to multiple devices and any online need.

“Any hotelier nowadays understands that their clientele carries multiple devices and expects to be able to connect to a hotel’s internet in order to access the same sort of online activities that they find at home, says John Trudeau, General Manager for Highgate Hotels. “With our pre-existing Wi-Fi services needing a substantial update to meet such needs, we decided to partner with HIS as the company enjoys a strong reputation throughout our area. Their team members were able to meticulously map out and plan everything, and consequently the signal strength throughout our building is now outstanding.”

In addition to providing each guest with the highest quality in connectivity, the HIS Wi-Fi enhancement also equips Hotel Whitcomb with the ability to create dedicated and private networks for guest groups such as business travelers or those attending a meeting. With the HIS propriety dashboard also implemented, Hotel Whitcomb staff can further view and maintain direct control over network health. Features include the ability to analyze vital data, such as the number of users online, support tickets, revenue generated through Wi-Fi purchases, the amount of broadband being utilized or the operational status of each segment of a property’s network.

Project Requirements

  • Identify a network enhancement strategy that takes Hotel Whitcomb’s structural design into account in order to ensure that a strong Wi-Fi signal is able to cover the entire property.

  • Ensure that guests are able to seamlessly connect all of their devices and perform an array of commonly sought after online abilities.

  • Provide hotel staff with the ability to create dedicated and private networks for guest groups.


  • Leverage HIS expertise to devise a planning phase capable of overcoming Hotel Whitcomb’s thick concrete walls and use of steel throughout the property.

  • Strategically place the latest in Ruckus wireless equipment to provide each guest device with sufficient Wi-Fi signal and bandwidth.

  • Strategically place the latest in Ruckus wireless equipment to provide each guest device with sufficient Wi-Fi signal and bandwidth.

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