GuestCast Case Studies

Hôtel 71 – Quebec


Hôtel 71 serves as a luxury destination attracting guests from around the world who wish to experience Quebec’s unique vibe and culture. A high-end property featuring 60 guestrooms and suites, Hôtel 71 strives to provide each of its guests with only the best quality in hotel stay experiences. In addition to providing travelers with several fine-dining options and the latest in guestroom comforts, Hôtel 71 also maintains a goal of ensuring complete guest satisfaction by aligning with modern expectations for access to seamlessly personalized in-room entertainment.


As a trendsetting property recognized for its chic and neoclassical design, Hôtel 71 strives to provide its guests with the latest modern comforts. While featuring enticing amenities such as an onsite expresso lounge, wine & spirits bar, a fitness center and fine Italian dining, the property recognized a need to update its in-room entertainment services to guarantee alignment with today’s preferences and expectations.

After researching several competing solutions, Hôtel 71 ultimately selected GuestCast due to the platform’s hotel purpose-built features and its cost-effective price. While many guests are now familiar with consumer-based streaming solutions, GuestCast’s user-friendly design and interface ensures instant ease-of-use regardless of a guest’s level of experience with the technology. With options to pair their personal devices with guestroom TVs that can be as effortless as scanning a QR code, GuestCast notably sidesteps complications that often leave guests feeling frustrated if unable to connect their device without requiring staff assistance. To ensure an enjoyable and fully personalized experience for each guest, Hôtel 71’s decision to adopt GuestCast also comes from the solution’s ability to provide instant compatibility with thousands of mobile streaming apps. This significantly means that each guest can always look forward to seamlessly accessing their favorite content no matter what streaming service they wish to use

“Regardless of their age or personal background, guests now widely expect hotels to provide a modern streaming-based entertainment experience, which is especially the case for high-end properties such as Hôtel 71… We therefore set ourselves the goal of identifying a streaming system with the best features at an affordable price, which is what ultimately led us to GuestCast. Since adopting the solution, we have been impressed by the ease and flexibility that it provides our guests in taking control of their TV-viewing experiences, and look forward to leveraging all of GuestCast’s capabilities in order to provide an in-room entertainment service that always exceeds expectations.”

Mathieu Savard Assistant General Manager, Hôtel 71

GuestCast’s hotel purpose-built functionalities are importantly also designed to address potential guest concerns over data security and privacy. Unlike smart TVs, the platform never requires guests to enter-in sensitive streaming account login information which can lead to an increased risk of theft. Guest privacy at Hôtel 71 is further protected by GuestCast’s advanced device isolation capabilities. This feature notably prevents guests from accidently casting content to televisions located in other rooms, while also preventing those who may seek to maliciously take over another guest’s TV.

Hôtel 71 by adopting GuestCast also gains access to the solution’s data-rich Analytics Dashboard. Via a single interface, property staff can utilize the Dashboard to monitor individual GuestCast device health in real-time. The feature further allows the property to analyze GuestCast usage rates in order to measure the level of success of their in-room entertainment strategy. As a solution designed by an industry-leading provider of connectivity-based technologies, GuestCast’s Analytics Dashboard can even be used to analyze WiFi signal strength for each guestroom where the device is located. This importantly allows Hôtel 71 and other properties supported by GuestCast to instantly intensify any WiFi service issues and correct them before affecting guest satisfaction rates.


  • Provide hotel guests with the latest advances in in personalized in-room entertainment.
  • Ensure that all guests can easily interact with an in-room entertainment solution regardless of their level of experience with technology.
  • Maintain a consistent level of high-performance quality and reliability.


  • Deploy GuestCast to provide each guest with seamless access to virtually any streaming subscription on guestroom televisions.
  • Ensure a hassle-free device pairing process for effortless content casting capabilities.
  • Utilize GuestCast’s analytics dashboard to quickly resolve any system performance issues or lapses in WiFi service quality.
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