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How Hoteliers Can Create an IoT Network Strategy that Meets Both Business Needs and Guest Expectations

By Gary Patrick, CEO of Hotel Internet Services  Since their initial introduction, IoT technologies have taken the hospitality industry by storm and have created much excitement over the limitless possibilities they offer. Even prior to…

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7 Things Hoteliers Need to Know About Camera Surveillance Systems

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The Future Is Now:

Trevor Dowswell Of Hotel Internet Services On How Their Technological Innovation Will Shake Up The…

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How to elevate the in-room entertainment experience by Hotel Management

Today’s hoteliers need to address the fact that guests now overwhelmingly expect in-room entertainment experiences to offer personalized content that is instantly accessible and importantly, doesn’t require any sort of staff assistance. Before adopting any…

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Hospitality Technology – How Hoteliers Can Maximize Profits via a New Revenue Stream by Investing in their Internet Infrastructure

Click the button to read full article Read Full Article Workers don’t want to return to the office, but they’re tired of working from home. Hotels are becoming a preferred work location alternative. Gary Patrick,…

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HITEC TV: Guest Room Technology – Wi-Fi and So Much More

Guest room technology used to include the phone, the remote and the television. If you were lucky, you would get a cool bedside alarm clock that would work with your iPod. Today, guest room technology…

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