GuestCast Case Studies

Ruesch Clinic – Naples, Italy


Located in Naples, Italy, the Ruesch Clinic has served for over 100 years as a leading regional center of advanced medical and surgical technologies. The facility notably possesses state-of-the-art medical equipment, including the DaVinci Xi surgical robot and MOC-DEXA/MRI system for musculoskeletal applications. Staffed by professionals from the world’s most prominent medical and surgical universities, Ruesch Clinic seeks to provide its patients with the highest standard in care while also ensuring a stay that’s as comfortable and enjoyable as possible.


Although equipped with the latest medical technologies and expertise, facility leadership recognized that providing patients with an enjoyable experience is also essential to the healing process. With overwhelming numbers of patients now seeking out entertainment from personal streaming subscriptions, Ruesch Clinic desired a solution able to provide seamless access to streamed content on patient room televisions. To ensure high adoption rates, however, the facility sought out a platform that could guarantee ease of use and protect sensitive streaming subscription login details from potential theft.

Following the recommendations of several other medical organizations, the clinic decided to adopt GuestCast in order to provide its patients with the ability to fully personalize their television-viewing experience. Engineered with the diverse preferences of users in mind, GuestCast offers instant compatibility with thousands of mobile-based streaming apps. This includes providing streamlined access to personal subscriptions for Netflix, Disney+, Amazon Prime, HBO Max and much more.

“ For each of our 30 inpatient rooms, we always strive to provide the best quality experience that technology has to offer, whether it be for medical services or ensuring that our patients can enjoy themselves and remain comfortable throughout their stay, … GuestCast plays a central role in this goal by allowing our patients to instantly access the same movies and shows that they enjoy watching when at home. Using GuestCast, we look forward to each of our patients being able to custom-tailor their television viewing preferences in order to always be fully satisfied and impressed with their experience.”

Francesco Merlino General Manager at the Ruesch Clinic

Designed specifically for public environments, GuestCast was also selected by Ruesch Clinic due to its enhanced data security and privacy abilities. The solution notably does not require users to share login information for their various streaming accounts which could then be at risk of theft. Also featuring advanced device isolation capabilities, GuestCast can also prevent users from inadvertently casting their content to televisions located in other rooms.


  • Provide patients with access to personalized entertainment in order to ensure high rates of satisfaction.
  • Ensure a user-friendly and intuitive experience that sidesteps the need for staff assistance.
  • Address potential patient concerns over data security and privacy.


  • Leverage GuestCast to provide each patient with instant access to virtually any streamed content of choice.
  • Utilize GuestCast’s simplified device-pairing process to guarantee an easy and hassle-free streaming experience.
  • Eliminate the need for patients to enter-in streaming login information on TVs while leveraging GuestCast’s device isolation abilities to protect their privacy.
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