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As data breaches within the hotel and hospitality industry continue to occur at an alarming rate, having extremely detrimental effects on the market, hoteliers worldwide are looking for effective solutions to safeguard their properties and organizations against this growing threat to both their reputation and their profitability. Although these breaches have been covered extensively in major media outlets (see examples on next page), no solutions have been offered to the hotel market in the coverage to date.

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As you over these stories, please be aware that expert sources are available to offer tips on maximizing data security and prevention of future breaches. Hotel Internet Services is a leading provider of secure wired and wireless Internet services, IPTV VOD Systems and convention services to the hospitality industry, and offers proven data security protocol that protects clients against current and future data threats. Members of their senior management team, listed below, all have extensive experience and expertise in the cyber-security sector.

As the hospitality industry’s established go-to source for insight on Internet and data security, HIS dedicates a vast amount of resources to recognizing the latest threats in Internet access security, and providing solutions and protocol for loss prevention. This expertise places the company in the position of being able to discuss the latest trends in Internet and data security in great detail, while providing useful information on how hospitality organizations can ensure the safety of guests’ sensitive online data. Adding credibility is the fact that HIS’ FUSION Gateway solution provided hotel customers with total protection against 2014’s Heartbleed data theft scandal, as well as the more recent Hyatt security breach.

For any upcoming features on data security or related topics, please feel free to request more information on HIS or schedule an interview with an expert source by emailing or call +1-407-905-0608.

Sources available:
Gary Patrick- President
Rafael van den Berg – Operations Director
Trevor Dowswell – CIO
Examples of media coverage on hotel data security (for reference):


Orlando Sentinel



Nation’s Restaurant News


ABC News

Krebs on Security



Computer Weekly

HIS Core Products:
Hotel Wi-Fi – HIS’ Wi-Fi systems, Internet Kiosks and unattended business centers allow guests to surf the internet, send e-mail, shop online, chat with friends or the office, make reservations, pay bills, play games and much more. All HIS systems and services are continuously monitored for security to ensure data protection and privacy, and are maintained by Hotel Internet Services, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
FUSION Gateway –  The FUSION Gateway is a next-generation IP data and voice network Gateway that combines the latest technologies to maximize profitability and minimize cost. FUSION Gateways form an important part of fast, secure network systems for many of the finest timeshares, hotels, resorts and casinos across the United States.
With a priority on ensuring total network privacy and security, FUSION is designed to safeguard users during the most sensitive of data transactions. The gateway is fully PCI compliant and can shield information such as personal credit or banking details from unauthorized access. As a proprietary solution, FUSION is able to protect users from the latest known network vulnerabilities by receiving continuous software updates. Guaranteeing its continued effectiveness, FUSION is also able to anticipate potential vulnerabilities that may lead to a future online attack, and take steps prevent them.
FUSION Gateway was also designed to ensure that each network segment is strictly segregated and off-limits to all other zones. Businesses that use the solution can be confident that administrative data is kept completely separate from customer data traffic, and therefore the risk of sensitive information being unintentionally shared or falling into the wrong hands is eliminated. Due to its rigorous security protocols, the platform was able to safeguard users from the sort of hacking tactics that were used in during 2014’s “Heartbleed” security scandal, as well as the more recent Hyatt data security breach.
BeyondTV – The first fully integrated hospitality streaming product on the market today, BeyondTV enables guests to have a complete in-home entertainment solution right in their hotel room. What Chromecast, Apple TV, Roku and Amazon Fire TV bring to the home, guests can now recreate in their hotel room with the added benefit of being able to avail themselves to hotel amenities and services. BeyondTV allows today’s travelers to view their own content on the TV whether it be Netflix, Hulu or Pandora to name a few examples.
With security in mind, the platform also is designed to ensure that users have complete peace-of-mind when transferring personal streaming account information. Each guestroom platform exists on its own private network so that sensitive guest information cannot be inadvertently shared or accessed by others. Once a guest checks out, all personal data is also automatically deleted. In order to provide guests with an even greater sense of security, BeyondTV also offers guests the option of deleting their information at any time with the click of a TV remote button. BeyondTV represents a major milestone in in-room entertainment.

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