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HIS Offers Insight on Advances in Hotel Wi-Fi Management and Guestroom TV Streaming Technology with Two Newly Released Whitepapers

HIS Offers Insight on Advances in Hotel Wi-Fi Management and Guestroom TV Streaming Technology with Two Newly Released Whitepapers

With recent studies and statistics demonstrating the critical importance of providing hotel guests with a reliable internet connection on multiple smart devices, hoteliers have a constant need to keep abreast of the latest advances in networking technology. In addition, there is a growing need to adapt in-room entertainment options to meet the rapidly evolving guest expectations for interacting with these personal mobile devices. With that in mind, Hotel Internet Services has released two comprehensive white papers, which provide insight on how hotels and management companies can leverage new technology solutions to meet these growing demands and remain competitive in the marketplace. The whitepapers now available include:




Wi-Fi Management for Management Companies, which addresses common connectivity issues presented to hoteliers operating multiple locations, and presents a new reality that, by leveraging the latest in hospitality internet technology, hotel management companies can in fact fully overcome performance and security-related issues in a cost-effective and efficient manner, while ensuring that their guests are able to receive only the highest in internet service quality at any of their locations. To view and download the full white paper, please click here.

Bringing Hotel Guestroom Entertainment to the Mobile Generation discusses how today’s guests are increasingly rejecting outdated in-room entertainment services, such as video on demand (VOD), in favor of using personal devices to stream their personal content as they do when at home; thus causing hoteliers to lose a significant source of profit. The white paper goes on to present how advancements in technology are providing hotels with the tools to finally match, and even surpass what can be offered by home streaming platforms. In adopting such innovations, trend-conscious hoteliers can see that common ground can indeed exist, where guests can find personalized entertainment options, and properties can save on operating expenses, while increasing opportunities for added revenue. For further details, please click here to download the full white paper.

As hospitality’s established go-to source for insight on Internet connectivity and guestroom streaming solutions, and as demonstrated by its recently released white papers, HIS dedicates a vast amount of resources in identifying new ways of enhancing a property’s online and in-room entertainment abilities. This expertise places the company in the position of being able to discuss latest trends for both areas in great detail.

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