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Hotel Internet Services (HIS), a full-service provider of internet services and solutions for the hospitality industry, has been officially designated as a Preferred Technology Vendor by Radisson Hotel Group. Radisson Hotel Group properties now have access to HIS services and industry expertise including Country Inn & Suites by Radisson, Park Inn by Radisson, Radisson Hotels, Radisson Red and Radisson Blu.

As a Preferred Technology Vendor, HIS will provide the Radisson Hotel properties with the latest in Wi-Fi network innovation to ensure fast, reliable and secure online connectivity. This includes the exclusive use of advanced Ruckus platforms such as access points that can guarantee a strong Wi-Fi signal throughout a hotel and that can accommodate a multitude of guest devices attempting to connect at any one time.

As part of the systems provided, HIS’ network gateway solution provides hoteliers the ability to monitor network health and bandwidth use to ensure that any performance issue is swiftly dealt with and that guest satisfaction remains intact. HIS’ systems fully caters to growing guest concerns related to hotel Wi-Fi security shielding sensitive data such as credit card transactions, automatically scanning for potential network vulnerabilities and is able to receive regular software updates that ensure online security is never jeopardized.

HIS also provides The GuestCast in-room entertainment solution which was voted the #1 hotel casting solution 2023 by the TravelTech Breakthrough Awards. Casting is a highly sought after amenity and what over 80% of hotel guests are asking for. It increases guest satisfaction by bringing an at home experience to the hotel guestroom. With GguestCast, guests can now watch what they want when they want through their favorite applications like Netflix ®, MAX®, Amazon Prime, Disney+, Hulu®, YouTube®, Spotify®, Pandora®, NBC Sports®, ESPN®, and more!

HIS was ultimately selected by Radisson Hotel Group for its ability to offer highly competitive pricing and expansive experience with Ruckus WiFi equipment and systems. Also significant in selecting HIS is the company’s proficiency in customizing network solutions that can meet a specific hotel’s needs while maintaining compliance with brand standards.



Survey after survey shows that WiFi is the number one amenity that your guests want! To many guests, it is more important than room service or even free parking. Yet just as important is the ability to provide a satisfactory hospitality WiFi experience, with 80 percent of guests admitting that they would never return to a hotel that provided poor connectivity. Today’s guests additionally travel with more devices than ever before: from smartphones to tablets and laptops as well as wearables. Your guests expect a fast and reliable WiFi connection for each of their devices as they experience when at home.

With the growing presence of such high-powered devices on your property, your wireless network must therefore be capable of providing the bandwidth that each device requires and that your guests demand. With its many years of catering to the hospitality WiFi needs of hundreds of properties throughout the US, Hotel Internet Services has the experience and expertise you need to implement an advanced yet cost-effective network solution that can fully accommodate a multitude of devices and even the most demanding of online activities.

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Aside from providing your guests with an ultra-stable high-speed connection, our most important service is enabling and maintaining unmatched WiFi SECURITY for your network! With increasing reports of hotel networks being compromised, 93 percent of guests are understandably concerned over a property’s ability to provide a safe hospitality WiFi connection. Do not risk your hotel’s reputation by implementing a network that leaves guests exposed to data theft and hacking! HIS continues to raise the bar in utilizing the latest technologies and best practices to maximize your ability to protect online guests at all times. Our industry-leading gateway platform ensures hotel and guest data is fully protected by continuously evolving its encryption and other security protocols, fending off the latest threats to online security and safeguarding your property’s reputation.

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When it comes to delivering Wi-Fi, problems are bound to occur. From login difficulties to weak signals, ensuring your guests can seamlessly access the internet is not always a simple proposition.

How you are equipped to handle such problems is key and central to our mission of providing users with the very best and most robust Wi-Fi experience. In delivering this objective, HIS not only provides hoteliers with always available client support & monitoring services, but also ensures that guests themselves are able to benefit from industry–leading expert advice the moment it is needed. Our expert support staff are available to your serve your guests’ online needs twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. From facilitating the seamless connection of guest devices, to ensuring that their browsers and email clients are always easily accessible, you can always count on HIS to help your guests get online and stay online!

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The HIS Property Dashboard is a proprietary portal that provides clients with the unmatched ability to maintain direct control over every aspect of Internet performance at all times. With the HIS Property Dashboard, hoteliers can effortlessly view and analyze vital data, such as the number of users online, support tickets, revenue generated through Wi-Fi purchases, the amount of broadband being utilized or the operational status of each segment of a property’s network; thus, maximizing the potential to consistently deliver the highest quality in guest Internet service and maintain complete satisfaction.  Central to the HIS Property Dashboard’s functionality is its ability to free hoteliers from having to keep track of long lists of URLs and passwords, by serving as a platform that centralizes all tools necessary to manage and analyze each guest’s HSIA experience. With the dashboard, hospitality professionals are provided with a virtual map of how their property’s network is connected, in addition to a real-time overview of its health and capabilities. In addition to providing a quick reference of how many network hosts are running versus how many are down, or how many users are currently logged into a network, the HIS Property Dashboard also offers staff a detailed view of which specific areas of a hotel’s network are functioning adequately, and which areas have ceased to operate and require immediate attention.

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Casting is what your guests are asking for! The BeyondTV GuestCast solution will boost guest convenience and in-room entertainment satisfaction. As the vast majority of guests increasingly look to video streaming services as the main source of television entertainment, hotels around the world are under pressure to deliver the advanced functionality that is increasingly expected by today’s travelers. The BeyondTV GuestCast platform caters to this need by allowing users to directly cast content from thousands of Apps. Leveraging a guest room’s existing Wi-Fi connection, guests equipped with an iPhone®, iPad®, Android phone and tablet, Mac® and Windows® laptop can effortlessly and instantly make use of a larger screen.

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Implementing a Hospitality WiFi Network is Only Half the Battle in Maintaining Online Guest Satisfaction
Delivering seamless WiFi experiences is a continuous commitment. Trust HIS industry expertise & 24/7 availability to ensure that your network continues to keep guests and customers fully satisfied.
As the industry’s leading provider of wireless and wired network solutions and in serving more than hundreds of properties across the US, Hotel Internet Services technicians are highly experienced with the various technologies employed at properties around the world. This knowledge includes unique expertise with platforms such as Cat5 wired, Wireless, Powerline, Coax, VDSL, mesh networks and much more.

When seeking to provide an exceptional hospitality WiFi service, problems are always bound to occur. From guest login difficulties to a sudden drop in performance or malfunctioning equipment, our expert technicians stand ready 24/7 to ensure that any issue is swiftly identified and corrected. HIS can provide maintenance services for any existing network in order to safeguard your guests’ online satisfaction at all times. Call today to find out how we can provide your business with a customized maintenance and support plan.

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“A hotel’s reputation and its ability to provide a satisfactory experience is increasingly being defined by the quality of guest Wi-Fi services, so it is essential that properties work with a reputable provider such as HIS to ensure that this vital need is fully addressed,” says Rick Harrison, General Manager at Radisson Fort Worth North-Fossil Creek. “Hotel Internet Services not only stands apart in being able to provide the necessary technology to meet the highest guest expectations, but its commitment to exceptional customer service also ensures that we remain fully informed on how our network is performing, along with the ability to receive immediate assistance the moment that any issue arises.”

Rick Harrison – General Manager at Radisson Fort Worth North-Fossil Creek

First-Rate Hotel WiFi Installation

“From initial planning to the implementation phase, HIS delivered a transparent, swift, and painless experience, with the end result exceeding our expectations. Thanks to their responsiveness and willingness to do what is needed to achieve desired results, we look forward to expanding our relationship with HIS to enhance the online connectivity of other Makad Corp.-operated hotel locations.”

—Elie Makad, CEO of Makad Corporation

Wi-Fi service quality is one of the first things that guests consider when evaluating a property’s reputation, so we took advantage of the current downturn to identify a provider that could implement the specific network hardware we desired within the timeframe needed. HIS not only could meet those requirements, but provided us with a seamless implementation along with the ability to effortlessly update our Wi-Fi service infrastructure as needs evolve. We are very satisfied with our experience and look forward to seeing our guests likewise achieve enhanced satisfaction by receiving an enhanced level of connectivity that meets their specific need.

Kiran Patel, General Manager at Country Inn & Suites by Radisson, Madison


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