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2018 Guestroom Entertainment Survey

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When it comes to guestroom entertainment and convenience, few will have missed the effect that smart devices and IoT have had on guest expectations and perceptions of value.

Based on feedback conducted on 565 guests and 207 hoteliers across the U.S., HIS through its latest white paper offers an in-depth analysis of the latest technological trends that guests today look for in a modern hotel stay experience, with a focus on:

  • Content streaming and the leveraging of wireless casting abilities to enhance guest satisfaction
  • Multipurpose entertainment platforms that streamline hotel operations, enhance guest convenience and create new opportunities to increase revenue
  • Security features that today’s guests expect in a world where data theft is an all too common occurrence
  • The rise of voice-controlled amenities and how hoteliers can leverage virtual assistants to deliver ever faster and more personalized service while ensuring a return on investment
See how you can put your guests back into the guestroom entertainment experience by downloading a copy of our white paper today!
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