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hotel wifi switchHotel Internet Services is by far the best internet service company that I have had the pleasure of working with in my 20 years of hospitality work.  I had been researching different companies for my hotel’s upgrade when I first came across Hotel Internet Services.  The sales team was very professional and accommodated my every request.  It took some time before we signed with them as we did our due diligent research into the correct product and company for our building.  The sales team worked with me 100% and never pressured me into a sale.  Thinking that we might have budget concerns, they even offered a quote on a medium priced Wireless Access Point that they felt would still work well in our building.  We pleasantly surprised them with our order of the best WAP in the market for our size property, the Ruckus r700 featuring dual band 3×3:3 802.11ac technology.

The installation team was on property within 2 weeks of signing the contract and did an incredible job, explaining everything along the way.  The network’s reliability is such a relief and the customer service line for guests is also fantastic as it takes pressure off the front desk and puts the guest in the hands of a professional IT agent!  I also get daily reports from the Customer Service department detailing which guests they have helped.  Over the last two months, only a handful of calls have had to go to the Customer Service department, of which they have helped everyone!

hotel wifi testWe have been very happy with the equipment purchased, installation, reliability of the network, customer service on both guest and administrative sides, and the winning personalities of everyone at Hotel Internet Services.  One of our long time clients that generally use a large amount of bandwidth during their monthly meetings just recently sent us a congratulatory email on our internet upgrade in regards to the ease of accessing the network, the speed at which they could work, and its reliability (did not drop signal to a single one of them).  I would highly recommend Hotel Internet Services to anyone that wants to take the guess work and frustration out of providing reliable internet to their guests!

Matt Nunn
Revenue Manager – Holiday Inn Presidential

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