Keating Hotel

“The installation was seamless. We didn’t experience any outages in the process of rolling over to the new wireless networks. Our guests had no clue we were transitioning wireless networks. The entire process was quick and painless. And with the HIS support, we don’t have to worry about fixing the network if it ever goes down or guests experience any sign-in issues.”

Keating Hotel General Manager Shane Pappas

“It’s a night and day difference from our previous network solution. We no longer have areas where Wi-Fi isn’t accessible, and thanks to the easy integration with our property management system, guest authentication is a breeze. The solution was affordable and turnkey. Since we don’t have to hire a full IT team to manage the network, we can allocate our budget and our staff to truly deliver a high-touch guest experience.

 “Hotel Internet Services’ technology has redefined our guest’s Wi-Fi experience and at the end of the day it brings true credibility to the hotel. We went out and got the Ferrari of Wi-Fi and that makes a big difference in the unique experience we provide to our guests.”

Keating Hotel Marketing Manager Steven Manners

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