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Installation Spotlight


A luxury boutique location in Santa Monica, California, The Ambrose Hotel offers a distinct Southern California atmosphere and boasts craftsman-style interiors to provide guests with a truly warm and inviting stay experience. Ensuring that no guest need is left unfulfilled, the hotel offers a range of upscale amenities including a 24-hour fitness center, chauffeured car services and a deluxe continental breakfast served daily. Seeking to ensure that guest online connectivity and work-related needs are also fully addressed, The Ambrose Hotel further provides its guests with complimentary Wi-Fi and a 24-hour business center.

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While providing free Wi-Fi services as expected by today’s guests, Ambrose Hotel leadership understood that to actually achieve satisfaction and not risk the property’s reputation, free Wi-Fi must come with the ability to offer a fast and uninterrupted online experience. With a majority of guests now attempting to connect multiple high-powered personal devices, the property realized that its existing network infrastructure could no longer cope with the demands placed on it. The Ambrose Hotel therefore sought out an upgrade that could guarantee high-performance online connectivity throughout all on-site areas regardless of the number of devices attempting to connect at any one time.

IIn deciding to partner with HIS, The Ambrose Hotel was able to achieve this goal throughout the property by leveraging the company’s leading expertise and access to the latest in network infrastructure technology. By installing advanced Ruckus access points in strategic areas for example, HIS could ensure that guest devices would receive a strong, consistent and fast Wi-Fi signal regardless of their location within the hotel. Also vital was HIS’ ability to implement a network that could accommodate a multitude of devices attempting to connect at any one time, guaranteeing that each device obtains a sufficient level of bandwidth to operate online seamlessly.

“Any reputable hotelier knows that offering a first-rate internet service is critical in obtaining full guest satisfaction and loyalty, so it is essential for properties to identify a provider that can equip them with the means to meet this challenge head-on… HIS has proven to be fully capable in this regard, with their technicians doing an outstanding job since the initial building assessment and keeping us informed along the way to ultimate project completion. We are now pleased to note a substantial improvement in our Wi-Fi’s capabilities, and I look forward to seeing an increase in our guest satisfaction scores as a result.”

To further ensure that guests are able to receive only the highest quality in Wi-Fi connectivity, HIS also provides The Ambrose Hotel with the ability to monitor network health in real time as well as the ability to maintain direct control over usage at all times. Additional features include the ability to analyze the number of users online as well as the option to open tickets with 24/7 support, minimizing the risk that any arising issue will adversely affect guest satisfaction levels.

Project Requirements

  • Implement a Wi-Fi network upgrade able to accommodate a multitude of guest devices and capable of providing high-speed connectivity throughout all hotel areas.
  • Ensure ongoing high-quality performance of the network to prevent any reduction in guest satisfaction.


  • Utilize HIS expertise and use of the latest in network technology to install advanced Ruckus access point hardware within strategic areas, ensuring a fast, strong and consistent signal for all guest devices.
  • Provide hotel staff with the ability to monitor network health in real-time along with the ability to receive immediate customer support on a 24/7 basis..

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