Azure Palm Hot Springs Resort & Day Spa Oasis – Desert Hot Springs, CA

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Located within California’s Desert Hot Springs area renowned for its natural geothermally heated mineral spring water, Azure Palm Hot Springs Resort & Day Spa Oasis serves as the ultimate tranquil getaway from the fast pace of modern life. With its grand opening set for March 2021, Azure Palm Hot Springs features 40 room accommodations with relaxation-enhancing amenities that include in-room mineral water soaking tubs and balcony views of the majestic Mount San Jacinto. Yet while providing its guests with a uniquely relaxing experience, Azure Palm Hot Springs as with any other hospitality-based business understands the universal importance of ensuring that guests can remain connected to the outside world whenever needed.

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While aiming to sever any distractions to achieving tranquility, Azure Palm Hot Springs stewards recognized that today’s guest lifestyles routinely require access to reliable Wi-Fi. The soon to be opened resort therefore set itself the task of identifying a reputable network provider with proven expertise in delivering high-performance internet for hotel environments.

After reviewing several options, Azure Palm Hot Springs ultimately selected Hotel Internet Services due to its experience and specialization in implementing advanced Wi-Fi networks for the hospitality industry. Standing out from competing providers for the resort in particular was HIS’ expertise in deploying access points to ensure high-quality Wi-Fi coverage throughout the resort. This was achieved using advanced Ruckus access points and HIS knowledge in installing the devices within strategic areas in order to create a strong and consistent signal for both guestrooms and public areas.

“Even for a resort such as ours where the goal is to provide guests with a means to escape daily life and find serenity from their immediate surroundings, effective and reliable Wi-Fi is still essential for those that may need to stay in touch with friends and family or for any other suddenly arising purposes…HIS’ professionalism and unique knowledge of hospitality business needs provided us with the confidence in being able to fully meet this industry-wide requirement.”

Richard Lambakis
Director of Sales and Marketing at Azure Palm Hot Springs

To ensure that guests can continue to receive a peaceful and hassle-free resort experience, HIS also provides Azure Palm Hot Springs with instant access to its 24/7 support services. Able to provide swift assistance for an array of issues including login difficulties and Wi-Fi driver card configurations, HIS support representatives ensure that any troubleshooting scenario is immediately addressed before it has the potential to affect satisfaction rates and guest peace-of-mind.

Project Requirements

  • Ensure high-quality Wi-Fi access to all guest devices whenever needed and throughout all resort areas.
  • Prevent the arising of any online troubleshooting issues that can lead to a reduction in guest satisfaction and the ability to achieve relaxation.


  • Leverage HIS’ industry-specific expertise and access to the latest in network technology to ensure a fast and reliable Wi-Fi signal regardless of a guest’s physical onsite location.
  • Provide both staff and guests with access to 24/7 HIS support services to ensure that any online-related issue is always swiftly resolved.

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