WiFi Case Studies

Graduate Hotels Case Study


Graduate Hotels serves as a collection of properties located in renowned college towns across the United States. With each of its locations operating as a hand-crafted boutique hotel, Graduate Hotels sets out to provide its guests with an opportunity to immerse themselves in the local culture and charm of the nearby university. Seeking to ensure maximum guest comfort and satisfaction, enticing amenities frequently offered at Graduate Hotels locations include onsite dining, fitness centers and a range of entertaining activities such as Topgolf. Yet with a guest demographic that is typically technologically-savvy, Graduate Hotels recognizes the importance of catering to modern lifestyle behaviors such as ensuring reliable internet access.


In catering to guests that are often alumni, students or visiting family members, Graduate Hotels identified providing a high quality WiFi service as a priority in maintaining high satisfaction rates. This was due to many guests seeking a stable high-performance connection for entertainment, work, study or for staying in touch with family and friends. Vital to running a successful and profitable hotel business would therefore require partnering with a reputable network solutions provider with proven experience in offering online connectivity for hospitality-based environments.

The decision to select HIS to upgrade the networks of several Graduate Hotels properties came from the brand recognizing HIS as a leading expert in WiFi technology for the hospitality market. With its years of dedicated experience and access to the latest in network technology including advanced Ruckus access points, HIS has established an industry-wide reputation in being able to ensure strong WiFi signal coverage over a wide area that can effortlessly accommodate a multitude of guest devices. Graduate Hotels locations able to provide guests with first-rate online connectivity by partnering with HIS include:

“A WiFi service that can be counted on to be fast and easily accessible is one of the first and most pressing demands made by today’s hotel guests, making it essential for us to work with a provider such as HIS that can ensure we meet this expectation fully and consistently… Throughout each installation at our hotels, HIS has proven that they have the knowledge, technology, and support services necessary to provide for a seamless upgrade that will continue to deliver high-quality experiences for virtually any type of online guest need.”

Benjamin Heiland Vice President, Hotel Technology at Graduate Hotels

In addition to providing Graduate Hotels with the industry’s highest standard in internet connectivity, HIS will further equip property staff and guests with access to its 24/7 support services. By making its expert representatives readily available, HIS can ensure that any network performance or troubleshooting issues are swiftly identified and addressed before satisfaction rates are negatively impacted. This includes the ability to provide assistance with setting up VPN connections, overcoming login difficulties and many other types of troubleshooting issues that can frequently arise.


  • Upgrade WiFi network performance at multiple Graduate Hotels locations in order to ensure brand alignment with modern guest connectivity expectations.
  • Provide responsive and effective support in the event of a network performance issue.


  • Leverage HIS expertise and access to advanced technology in order to deploy network upgrades capable of ensuring fast speeds and reliability regardless of the number of connected guests.
  • Provide hotel guests and staff with access to 24/7 HIS support in order to swiftly resolve any issue that may arise.
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