WiFi Case Studies

Green Fig Resort & Spa St. Lucia


Serving as the ultimate tranquil Caribbean destination, Green Fig Resort & Spa is situated on the island of St. Lucia where travelers from across the world come to experience the unique natural beauty and total relaxation that the luxury boutique resort has to offer. For travelers seeking opportunities for adventure, Green Fig Resort & Spa provides unmatched access to the island’s various attractions, including a 5-minute walk to the beach and spectacular guestroom views of the Pitons, a UNESCO World Heritage site. A resort also aiming to cater to the latest in modern guest needs, Green Fig Resort & Spa further strives to provide each guest with seamless access to high-performance online connectivity in order to ensure hassle-free stay experiences and uninterrupted satisfaction.


Despite providing a range of luxury amenities such as rooms with private splash pools, the Gypsetter Boutique Shop, the Saltfish Restaurant and the property’s renowned Touch Tranquility Spa, resort leadership recognized that patchy Wi-Fi service quality represented an obstacle to complete satisfaction for guests desiring a reliable connection to the outside world. The resort notably sought out a reputable network solutions provider with not only industry-leading expertise, but also the resources to provide exceptional results, service and support to remote locations such as St. Lucia.

By partnering with HIS, the resort was notably able to overcome a series of issues that prevented it from ensuring a high-quality connection throughout the premises. With access to HIS technology and expertise, this included implementing a solution to ensure effective Wi-Fi signal penetration despite the presence of thick stone and concrete building walls. Via the strategic placement of cutting-edge Ruckus access points, guest devices can now benefit from a fast and responsive Wi-Fi connection regardless of onsite location or any infrastructural obstacles. Previously experiencing difficulties in deploying an effective network monitoring gateway due the limitations of its internet service provider, the resort was also able to leverage HIS to implement a dedicated appliance able to oversee and manage performance.

“Prior to partnering with HIS and although our resort was paying for a 150mbs Wi-Fi service, in-room Wi-Fi speeds were only averaging 2-10mbs which resulted in several guests leaving reviews over their difficulty in performing occasional work while on vacation… Thanks to HIS and its dedicated hospitality industry expertise, speeds throughout our resort are now 10 times faster than before despite paying for the same 150mbs service. We have also observed a dramatic reduction in the number of guest Wi-Fi troubleshooting issues and have seen no new reviews mentioning poor Wi-Fi connectivity since the network upgrade was completed.”

Michael Nelsen Co-owner of the Green Fig Resort & Spa

As a provider with an industry-leading reputation for professional service, HIS is also credited by the resort for offering exceptional support quality and for fully managing every aspect of the network upgrade without the need to place the burden of project responsibility on resort staff. Green Fig Resort & Spa can also look forward to 24/7 network performance monitoring by HIS to ensure that service quality remains at a high standard. This ability serves as a significant competitive factor over other local properties as the island continues to attract tourists from the US, Canada and Europe who routinely expect continuous high-performance Wi-Fi to address their modern connectivity needs.


  • Implement a solution able to address the resort’s inability to ensure fast and reliable Wi-Fi service due to infrastructural challenges such as thick building walls.
  • Resolve resort issues in deploying an effective network monitoring gateway.
  • Ensure continuous high-quality Wi-Fi service performance.


  • Deploy advanced Ruckus access points within strategic resort areas to enable high-speed Wi-Fi signals to reach guest devices regardless of the presence of infrastructural obstacles.
  • Implement a dedicated gateway appliance that can oversee network performance.
  • Provide access to 24/7 HIS network monitoring and support for the swift resolution of any issues impacting online experience quality.
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