Rodeo 39 Public Market – Stanton, California

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Located in Stanton, California, the recently constructed Rodeo 39 Public Market sets to redefine the retail scene by serving as the ultimate experiential destination. Encompassing 41,000 sq. ft, Rodeo 39’s list of unique offerings not only includes an array of locally inspired culinary attractions but also offers live musical performances, outdoor patio areas, an arcade and even VR experiences. However, in seeking to maintain the highest level of visitor enjoyment and satisfaction, Rodeo 39 is further committed to providing reliable access to high-speed internet on any type of personal device and regardless of a customer’s onsite location.


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Rodeo 39 project leadership recognized that today’s consumers place a high value on being able to remain seamlessly connected to a Wi-Fi service, and therefore maintained a leading priority on identifying a reputable provider with proven experience in implementing a network service that could offer fast and reliable connectivity. Essential abilities sought out particularly included demonstrated expertise in implementing a network that could provide high-performance coverage throughout a large area and regardless of the number of devices attempting to connect.

By partnering with Hotel Internet Services, Rodeo 39 was able to utilize the company’s expertise and access to the latest in network technology to not only achieve this goal, but to also sidestep any potential risk of individual onsite tenant networks from causing interference with the visitor service. To guarantee that all visitors could access a high-speed online connection throughout the entire Rodeo 39 location, HIS technicians further leveraged their industry-leading experience to install Ethernet cabling and advanced Ruckus access points within strategic areas, providing ownership with a cost-effective solution while preventing any areas from experiencing weak signals.

“Consumers today are constantly on their smartphones while they’re out and about, whether it’s to post photos to social media of an Insta-worthy dish or checking out a fun new place, all of which are important marketing tools for us, so providing a first-rate Wi-Fi service is a must-have for us to ensure that our guests enjoy their visit and are able to seamlessly share their experience as well,” said Tom Carpenter, Vice President of Frontier Real Estate Investments, which developed Rodeo 39 Public Market. “Hotel Internet Services has completely lived up to our expectations by providing us with a Wi-Fi infrastructure that ensures fast and easy-to-access online connectivity with a smooth and hassle-free implementation process. We look forward to continuing to work with them in the future to further enhance our visitor experiences.”

Project Requirements

  • Implement a high-speed visitor Wi-Fi network capable of providing reliable service to a multitude of visitor devices in all onsite areas.
  • Ensure the ability to maintain complete visitor satisfaction with online connectivity by swiftly correcting any future potential performance issues.


  • Utilize HIS industry expertise to implement Ethernet cabling and Ruckus access points within strategic areas, ensuring a fast, strong and consistent Wi-Fi signal that is also immune to signal interference from individual onsite tenant networks.
  • Provide Rodeo 39 with 24/7 HIS network performance monitoring services, ensuring that any troubleshooting issue does not lead to a lapse in visitor satisfaction

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