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An Autograph Collection hotel opened during summer 2021, The Barfield sets itself the goal of providing a new kind of luxury hotel experience for guests visiting the city of Amarillo in Texas. Seeking to transcend the highest of guest expectations, The Barfield is styled with timeless elegance while providing access to the latest in modern amenities that are central to achieving complete satisfaction. This not only includes providing guests with enticing services such as an onsite Italian restaurant and recreation club, but also consists of ensuring that the latest connectivity needs of modern travelers are always fully met.

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Aiming to provide guests with a premier experience that conforms with today’s heightened expectations, hotel leadership identified top-of-the-line Wi-Fi as a first priority for guests. With guests increasingly consuming higher levels of bandwidth, The Barfield specifically sought out a Wi-Fi solution that could ensure a lightning-fast, high-quality experience when guests use demanding applications such as media streaming sites, conference call sites and more. As the number of guests traveling with more than one device also continues to grow, The Barfield further desired to partner with a reputable provider with proven results in maintaining high service quality regardless of how many devices may be connected to a network.

Ultimately, The Barfield selected HIS due to its extensive expertise and reputation for providing industry-leading connectivity. During the network implementation process, HIS leveraged its industry-specific expertise to implement advanced Ruckus access points within strategic areas, delivering a consistently high-performance and reliable Wi-Fi signal throughout all hotel areas.

Project Requirements

  • Ensure high-speed and reliable Wi-Fi connectivity that meets with guest expectations throughout all onsite hotel areas.
  • Maintain consistently high service quality to prevent any lapses in guest satisfaction.


  • Utilize HIS industry expertise and access to the latest in network technology to guarantee a fast and strong Wi-Fi signal penetration able to reach guest devices regardless of location.

  • Offer instant access to 24/7 HIS support in order to swiftly resolve virtually any network performance or guest troubleshooting issue

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